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Rosgeo - Navire d'exploration

Afrique du Sud : explorations de Rosgeo pour 400 M$

As part of the BRICS summit in China, an agreement was concluded between Rosgeo and PetroSA, state oil and gas...

/ 7 septembre 2017
Des biéres partagées au féminin

SAB : 180 M€ dans 2 brasseries en Afrique du Sud

SAB has invested R2.8 billion in expansions at Alrode and Rosslyn breweries, which include returnable glass packaging lines, and a...

/ 12 juillet 2017
Plant de jatropha

Taleveras : 600 M$ en biocarburants

Taleveras Group, the African oil trading company, is making its first moves into renewable energy by setting up a joint...

/ 9 juin 2017
Andile Ngcaba Chairman of Convergence Partners

Google : 100 M$ en fibre optique en Afrique

Google, together with South Africa’s Convergence Partners and other investors, will invest as much as US$100 million (R1.3 billion) in...

/ 22 mai 2017